The inborn quality of rivalry

Competition and competitiveness is something that we witness in all corners of the world today. In all aspects of our lives. We have been brought up in such a manner that we are always looking to outdo the other person and always be ranked number one.

When we are born, we’re compared with the kids of other people around and although we don’t display many qualities that are praiseworthy, you will see our parents boasting to each other about all the different things that we can do. This is because they are competing amongst themselves and want to show each other that their child is better than the rest of them.

And it grows and grows and grows and grows…..

So after we have achieved these praiseworthy milestones they are still not satisfied. They keep on boasting to each other about how we are performing in the daycare and primary school and so on. The fact that their child can draw so well or the fact that their child can tell all the number from one to ten without a mistake. Sometimes it becomes so bad that when their events in the school involving parents and family like the kids band family day or the family quiz the competition becomes so heated and intense that you have the feeling of watching a world cup final. And we also tend to grow up always feeling this sense of having to do better than the other child that we find it difficult to shake this feeling off at any point in our lives.

So we continue in this manner through school, and high school and university. Always wanting to be the class topper or the cool kid. And then finally we have gotten the job of our dreams and our parent’s dream. But our parents do not know just when to stop. Even after this point, they continue to push us asking us to buy ourselves a car better than the neighbor’s son or to get an apartment in a wealthier area than him and so on. And most of us, being the obedient parents that we are, get carried away with their demands and spend our entire lives trying to please them.

Until one fine day we have grown old and they are no more. And when we look back at our lives we dont see ourselves in it. We just see our parents in it. Pushing us to do the things that they wanted or that they could not achieve during their time. So we always need to be aware of who we are and what we want in life, instead of allowing other people to dictate terms.